The Truth About Bombs: In a world of monsters the only way to stay on top is a bomb. Or perhaps two, or three... Whoever doesn't know this arcade classic: this is the place to go!

Genre:computer game
Operating system:Windows (32 Bit)Windows (32 Bit)
Requirements:DirectX 5DirectX 5

The Truth About Bombs

The Truth About Bombs is a port of the well-known arcade game known as Bomberman or Dyna Blaster. Your goal is to survive in a maze as long as you can. As the name suggests, you do this especially by blasting your way through the maze with bombs. Use the bombs and other goodies to keep robots, players and other deadly dangers off your back.

The game is already fully playable, but networking isn't working so far. Furthermore the graphics are still more of the basic type and the background music hasn't reached its final state, too.

Nevertheless, the current version already gives you a hack of fun, with blasting your enemies off and outwitting stupid robots. Try it out!


Please read the license agreement before downloading.

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