Character sheets for Midgard: A couple of really practical character sheets to be used with the pen & paper role playing game Midgard.



The german role playing system MIDGARD exists longer than it's major german competitor Das Schwarze Auge, and even the german version of Dungeons & Dragons became available some time later. And it has a good reputation: the forth revision is extraordinary complex and detailed, but without being too complicated or even harming the most important element of game: the creativity of its players.

Our character sheets were created while actually playing MIDGARD. They are somewhat comprehensive and spacious dimensioned than their official counterparts from the book, thus allowing to write down many additional and practical information. The player may choose from several sheets as needed:

  • chacater data and inventory
  • skills
  • extended inventory / treasury
  • spells
  • NPCs / familiars / summoned creatures

IMPORTANT: All these information and documents are not official in any way! For official information please visit Midgard-Online.de.


Please read the license agreement before downloading.

Charakterbögen für Midgard 1.2 333 KB