How can I support Spielkultur?

First up, you can do this by contributing to our projects. If you don't want to or cannot do this you could tell your friends about us and/or link to our site. Furthermore, if you like a certain title we would very much appreciate any financial donations. None of the money will be given directly to the members but will support the activities of the association, e.g. the web site or tutorials.

I have a problem with one of your programs

We always try to keep our titles as error-free and intuitive as possible. But, alas, bugs are nasty little things and they can easily creep into our programs. Without your response we would perhaps never detect them. So don't hesitate to send us bug reports or suggestions. When reporting an error, a detailed description would be helpful.

In case any errors accur, please be sure to fulfill the system requirements of the game.

What does Spielkultur want to achieve?

It's quite difficult to realize a bigger project on your own. So we'd like to provide a sort of basis for all those of you interrested in the creation and distribution of software titles.